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9月 22, 2021
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9月 23, 2021

How to solve the splash screen or burned screen problem

For product nummber WS18068 - WaveShare 7inch Universal Portable Touch Monitor

Put the SD card into the card reader and insert it into the USB port of your computer, open "My Computer", double click into the "boot" disk, open the "config.txt" file, put the Copy the following code to the end of the file and save it, after pulling out the SD card, re-insert the Raspberry Pi and boot it up.

hdmi_timings=1080 0 112 16 160 1920 0 4 10 10 0 0 0 60 0 140000000 3


1. If the Raspberry Pi is connected without modifying the resolution, and has produced display abnormalities such as splash screen or burned screen, just follow the above operation to modify the config file and then re-power the screen to observe, if found that there are residual shadows or flickering problems, the screen will be powered off and left to rest for more than half an hour to recover.

2. If you are using Pi4 or higher, the screen HDMI cable needs to be connected to the HDMI0 interface of the Raspberry Pi (near the power connector), otherwise the screen will appear half flashing horizontal lines.


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